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8 Great Tips You’ll Need for Travelling with the Kids
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8 Great Tips You’ll Need for Travelling with the Kids


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We all love holidays, and we all love our kids – but sometimes combining the two together isn’t always the best recipe for fun. Taking care of the children while traveling certainly isn’t easy, so here are eight great tips for dealing with just that.


1.Book ahead of time

Ensuring you book accommodation and day passes ahead of time is an important step, regardless of where you’re going and with whom.When the kids are also involved it becomes critical. Finding a spot they’re going to like, which’ll also be child-friendly, is crucial to everyone having a good time. The last thing you’ll want is having to settle for accommodation which leaves them uncomfortable, bored and irritable.

-My advice, go into nature, What child doesn’t like the beauty and Anarchy of the natural world?

2.Plan cleverly

You might want to map out some intricate journey which sees you hop from place to place every day – but remember to bear in mind the kids don’t have the same stamina levels as you.It may sound like a good idea to spend the morning hiking before a walking tour of the local landmarks – and for mum and dad it probably is – but younger children especially are going to struggle with such a hectic schedule.Think smart when you plan, and make sure you’re taking everyone’s capabilities into account.

3.Tailor days around them

While you may not want to base your entire holiday around catering to the little ones, it’s certainly prudent to try and take some days out which give them something to do.Options like the beach, a zoo or a water park are always plausible choices, with these venues serving as fun for the whole family.Failing that, you can always try something a little more intricate, and Secret Traveller suggests: “museums and amusement parks; these can be a great source of visual stimulation and are guaranteed to tire out the most energetic of toddlers.”


If your child or children suffer from allergies, it makes a lot of sense to take a specially designed card which labels exactly what they’re likely to react to.These come in 27 different languages, and will naturally save as potential lifesavers if your little one does accidentally consume something they’re not meant to.


5.Look for deals

If you are not going to couchsurf, which is amazing with children, then you can still find plenty of other good deals. Particularly in places like hotels and resorts, you’ll be able to find a host of deals which are specifically targeted at lowering costs and making holidays more affordable for families.The same is also true when it comes to day-to-day living, with plenty of restaurants, parks and zoos also offering discounted prices if you turn up as part of a family.These deals can make all the difference between being able to afford going to destinations you actually want to later in the holiday, or having to settle for second best.


6.Let the kids know what’s going on

We know it can be annoying when the kids constantly ask what’s next on the agenda, but they’re doing so for a reason – nobody likes being left out of the loop.If you keep them updated with what the plan for the day is, perhaps even showing them some brochures or leaflets relating to where it is you’re going, you’ll find they’ll be a lot easier to appease and far less moany.

7.Pick a meeting point

Assuming the kids are old enough to venture out on their own – or if they get lost – it’s wise to designate a precise meeting point for everyone to meet back at later in the day.This can make all the difference for parents if their worst nightmare does come to fruition and the little ones get lost. Have faith your kids will be able to find their way back to the spot and wait for them there.

swinging-in-thailand-on-the-beach8.Don’t forget to find time for yourselves

It’s easy to forget the holiday isn’t just for the kids, it’s also for mum and dad. Whether it’s after the wee ones have gone to bed, or if they’ve been dropped off in a crèche, make sure to get some rest and relaxation.The Huffington Post say: “A holiday should be just that and it’s important to give yourself some downtime while the kids are entertaining themselves.”

Naturally, make sure you only do this when you know they’re safe and sound.

Have any of these tips made your next trip with the kids less stressful? We hope so. Bear all of these in mind the next time you decide to go on holiday as a family.


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