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Bungee jumping in Mexico



Icarus - 127/365My pulse rushed through my body, tugging and pushing where the bungee cord and backup bungee cord squeezed around my body.


“I will” I leaned out further, my hands still grabbing the bridges rail. I watched below, the raging water, the sharp rocks and jagged trees.

“Let go”

“I will” I slid my hands further and further out, my fingers still choking the hot metal. I gulped as my eyes watched the waters below, two rivers, one fast and cold. Deadly. Another slow, and brown. Also deadly. They met and battled, the swirled and crashed. They mixed and melted. I didn’t want to fall into either of them

“I know the ropes are safe, both of them, you don’t have to worry. Can I push you?”

“No, I will go, I will go” I lied. I let go of one hand, and left my fingers pinching the rail. The ground so far below. Friends, tree tops, wild chickens, cars, all ants from up here. My mind exploded in fear with the thought of the ropes snapping, of me smashing into the sand, or being tossed into the hungry river. I threw my other hand back looking for the rail. I found something, I clinched. I relaxed, I looked back.

I wasn’t holding the rail, I was holding my friends arm. He smiled, shook his head, and threw his arm out, I went with it and slipped off.

Time stopped, the suns particles and waves watched as I floated through invisible Jello. Sinking, the air holding me like water. Slowly down. Down. Breathing stopped. The hard and flat sand, stiff like cement came closer. One meter, another. The ground growing. Expanding. Stealing the mountains and forests from the corners of my eyes and replacing them with sand.

The rope jerked. I swung. My lungs filed. The rivers crashing together just below my face. The sweet scent of mountain water, the warm air of stagnate ponds. The rope jerked again and I swung back. Sand, friends, chickens. Jerk. Water, rapids. Jerk. Like a Pendulum, back on forth as my heart slowed and relaxed.

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