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A Chinese princess in the real world.


Cebu village beach house“Eric, you should call for reservations.” Jheng Ying, a Chinese girl said. Her voice stern and commanding.
“You really need to relax,” I said as I slouched on the couch. I didn’t want to move, two hours of massage had convinced me that my muscles had no use other than pleasure. “You are undoing your massage by being so anxious about the trip.”
“If you don’t get a reservation, where are we going to sleep tonight?”

“What kind of hotel do you think we are staying at?”
“Five star, but four is acceptable.”
“Yea that’s not happening. We are going to a village on the beach, if there are hotels they won’t have any stars, if there are no hotels then we can camp.”
“A tent, I’m not an animal! Every hotel needs a reservation.”
“We don’t need any kind of reservation.” Glen, our Filipino friend said as he moved slowly around his house, his muscles still melted from the massage.
“Well we had better not!”

We took a bus to the beach, three hours, crowded 5 to a row, the hot fuel flavored air snapping in at short bursts from the open windows. The ride was fun. The black sky wrapped around us like a blanket as we fumbled around a village of bamboo walls and thatched grass roofs. It took a while but we found the hotel on the beach. It was spartan: bench, table, beds, a bucket flushing toilet and a big barrel of water that held the water that you threw on yourself if you wanted to shower. A great place, I liked it.

“Where is the hot water?” Ying asked as she examined the barrel, looking for some other faucet to open and pour hot water from.
“We don’t usually use hot water here, the water is warm, so that is enough for us, but I can get some hot water for you,” the hotel owner said “it will only take 30 or 40 minutes.”
“Ok,” Ying said as the owner walked away. When we were alone she added more “What kind of hotel is this. Hotels should have hot water, and TV’s and Air conditioners and so much more. There are not even any towels here!” She paused to take a breath and went on “Get out, I need to get ready for my shower.”

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  1. I am really enjoying your writing Eric.
    I have just come back from a year of travelling and just started to note all my experiences down. Also I am planning on embarking for a big trip through Asia and I would love to be able to convey situations and tell stories through my writing to my friends and family as well as you do.
    Practise practise. 🙂

    All the best,

    • Awesome, I hope you enjoyed your travels. If you pass through Asia stay in touch, I’ll be here for a while. You might stick around too. Now that I am here I can’t really formulate a good reason to leave. Warm, fun, always amazing, cheap, and plenty of high paying jobs.
      If you need a blog, I can give you a bit of advice on that. As for writing. Reading helps, blogs, and books. 🙂
      Safe travels.

      • Oh I have, It has been such a blessing.

        Great, we should definitely meet up (if circumstances will allow it of course). I am unfortunately a little under time pressure as I will be going from Berlin through Moscow, to SE Asia and then back to Europe in direction Turkey in 8 months as I will probably (still have to get the reply) go to Uni September 2015.

        And because of the blog, I have just started to build one and would love to share it with you and get a little feedback. I don’t want to do a self-promo here so I’ll just send you the link on facebook.

        All the best,

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