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What country do I love the most?
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What country do I love the most?


flag-map-of-NKRA lot of people ask me which country was my favorite. This is a hard question, because not all experiences are equal. It’s hard to compare the hedonism of Bangkok to the asceticism of India, the deserts of America, to the forests of Moldova, or the snow fields of the Ukraine with the endless beaches of the Philippines. If you change the question and ask me which place do I want to go back to most, then I have an answer for you. Karabakh!
Karabakh, a country that you have likely never heard of. When the soviet Union shattered a tiny shard broke away.  You’ve likely never heard of Karabahk because even though it has its own government, elections, military, and a stable economy, it hasn’t been recognized by any other country, and on the world map you will see it as part of Azerbaijan.

4604486-IMG_0498_smKarabahk is small, with a population of 100,000 to 200,000. The country is made mostly of rolling mountains drenched in thick forests and alive with the animals of your dreams, and nightmares. When I visited Karabahk last time I explored the forests, waded through rivers, climbed up and down cliffs and made my way to villages and monasteries that seem unchanged by the last few hundred years of mans progress.

The people there, were more hospitable then any I have ever met. In every village, anytime someone met me, they invited me to their home to eat, to rest, to sleep and bath after my long trips. I love Karabahk, I will return soon and if you want to know more about my experiences in Karabahk check out my travel memoir.

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