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A Cambodian Joke about eating dog meat.
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Dog Meat – A Cambodian Joke


This joke was told to me in Cambodia by Cambodians. I’ve kept it pure like the original, which is a bit offensive but.

 Dog meat.

Rice with dog meat.
Rice with dog meat.

An American goes into a Cambodian restaurant with his dog and sits down. The waiter comes over and asks what he would like to eat.  The man tries to speak the local language and thinks he says “I want rice with pork”. In Cambodian pork (Cha-rook) and dog(Cha-guy) are very csimilar, so he mispronounces and instead says “I want rice with dog”.

The waiter is a bit confused asks again. The foreigner shakes his, “Yes, I want rice with dog”. He  picks up his newspaper and ignores the waiter. The waiter talks to his boss and his boss says that he can’t make rice with dog because he doesn’t have any dog meat. The waiter goes back to the foreigner tells him then asks him a question. The foreigner smiles and shakes his head yes, completely unaware of what the waiter asked.  He goes back to reading his paper.

Later the waiter brings out the food and the man eats it, he thinks it tastes strange but in Cambodia everything taste strange. He eats till he is full and has a little left. He picks up a piece of meat and hands it to his dog. There is no dog, it’s gone.

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  1. Where did you get that from? There is no way even the thickest tourist would confuse those words; neither would any Khmer person. Not even similar.
    There is a way to order dog in Cambodia, you ask for ‘trotting cow’ (!).


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