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How did I get a dozen marriage proposals in Thailand?
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How did I get a dozen marriage proposals in Thailand?

Chapter 5 and 7 of my travel memoir are about this subject but here is the shorter, blogger version. While exploring rural Thailand I got a dozen marriage proposals. Most were from the relatives of the girl, although there was a case where a girl visited me at night, took off her clothes and asked if I wanted to marry her. Honestly both methods don’t work for me, so I turned them down. But let me tell what happened.

Me in rural Thailand, dirty and sweaty, but that didn't protect me.
Me in rural Thailand, dirty and sweaty, but that didn’t protect me.

I was hitchhiking through rural Thailand going village to village, living with the locals, learning the language, eating the food, and having a great time. In about every other village someone, usually a grandfather would come over to me and ask me “Are you married?”

“No” I told him. He would give me a knowing nod and ask how old I was. I was 27 then, and in rural Thailand 27 is a bit old not to be married, most men my age were working on child number 2 or 3.

“Would you like to marry a Thai girl” he would ask.

How was I supposed to answer that? “I don’t know.” “I don’t have a preference.” “If I fall in love.” These were terrible answers and each time they resulted in the same thing. The old man would give me a sharp smile then tell me that he would see me later.

Later he would come back. Trailing him was one and sometimes two of his young and heavily makeup covered granddaughters. Every last one of them were gorgeous.

He would tell me about them, how they were smart, how they could read, how they were virgins and could cook well.  I said a lot of things, none leading toward marriage but regardless he would always continue. “She will make a good wife, and give you strong children.” I would decline over and over until eventually he would get desperate. “She can harvest rice very well” or “she will do anything you say”.

These were not my kind of women. So one way or another I got out of marrying them.  If you want  a more detailed example of this then you should read chapter 5 of my travel memoir  – although it isn’t online yet and will not be for at least a week.

One time things were different. A Thai girl, I’ll call her Nook, was not offered to me by her father. This was likely because her father was wealthy, really wealthy. He had a monopoly on all the electronic stores in his village. He hosted me, he loved me and I am sure being a son-in-law wouldn’t be a problem, but it wasn’t his priority.

This is what a rubber tree plantation looks like. I don't think you cared to know, but now you do.
This is what a rubber tree plantation looks like. I don’t think you cared to know, but now you do.

Without his permission(I assume), late at night, while I was sleeping in a hut at her father’s rubber plantation, she crept over the bamboo. The loud cracking sounds woke me and I flicked on my flashlight. There Nook was, wearing a pink top and tiny shorts. Her hair was newly dyed, her fingernails gleamed with recent work. She came over, crawled in under my mosquito net, sat on me, took off her shirt, and asked “Will you marry me?”.

What happened? Want to know more? Then you will have to read chapter 7. Although it’s not up yet either. How about you subscribe to my blog, just scroll up and look on the right, you will find it. That way when I post the chapters you will get a little notice telling you that you have an amazing story waiting for you.

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  1. Hahaha! This is funny. Added up to my uppers! Thought i could get a sleep but upon reading this and imagining the old guy offering the ladies just like offering a lolly to a kid made me more awake! But nice and funny…

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