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Ever been engulfed in a ball of fire?
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Ever been engulfed in a ball of fire?

Lighting up a gas stove.
Lighting up a gas stove.

This happened back in 2006 when I was living in Mexico. I had a gas burning oven. Before living in Mexico, I had only used electric ovens. so while my experience was missing I had still baked: thick vegie loaded burritos, soft and juicy quesadillas, nachos smothered in mozzarella and diced tomatoes, enchiladas dripping with refried beans and sour cream and so much more.

With a tray full of cheese fattened quesadillas, I moved the dial to low. The gas hissed out. Nothing happened. No fire, nothing.  Dark and lifeless the pilot light waited for life. I shrugged off the problem with an air of experience. Lighter in hand, I leapt into the mouth of the beast, it reaked of sulfur scented gas. This is the way my landlord had taught me to do it.Click. Click. Click. Mechanical impotence!

“Matches”, my eyes scanning the wet counter top. SShhht. SShhht. Soggy matches don’t strike too well.

All pyromaniacs have multiple lighters. A minute later, back at my oven, I leaned over the open door and stuck my arm inside. My ninja cat pounced onto the door. Curious, he peered inside.

Click. Click. Roar.

Yellow. Red. Hot. Bright. Painful. Loud. Roaring.

The fireball engulfed us, my arm, my face, my shirt, my cat.

“Oh my God! Are you ok?” My girlfriend shouted from across the room. The cat was trembling in her arms.

“The oven is ready,” I said while shaking.

“You hurt him,” she petted the cat, brushing off charred hair as she did. “Poor little thing, you burnt off his whiskers!” She walked over to me and laughed, “your eyebrows”.

Curdled up, and melted, the remnants of hair powdered my eyebrows and my arm. I rubbed my arm. The ash snowed off, my arm baby smooth. Short and prickly hairs made up what once were my eyebrows. All my hair grew back and I have never stopped baking. My cats whiskers came back too, but now he is phobic of ovens.

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