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FAQ about getting a job abroad


using a computer yourworldyourhomeI know you are considering living abroad and working abroad but you are worried about paying your bills, about having enough money to eat, sleep and live comfortably. Put that fear aside, and let me assure you that everything will be ok, for every job there is in the USA, there must be 5 or 10 jobs abroad that would help you eat, sleep and live comfortably.

Can I get a job in another county without going there?

Yes its possible, just scour the internet for keywords for the job you want, but it is very unlikely you can find a great job abroad while living at home. The simple reason for this is that people want to hire people who are already living locally, this way they don’t have to worry about the person not showing up and they can meet them before employing them. One possible solution awaits you at But the payment is quite low for most international jobs, if you went to a country first you could expect to find a private job that pays three times as much. You can also check out the Fulbright scholarships, but that is a long shot for most people.

Are there jobs abroad?

Yes, there are so many jobs you cannot possible imagine how many well paying jobs there are. There are thousands of schools looking for English teachers, and thousands more of other employers looking for capable employees with high quality educations.

Is my education good enough?

Yes, think of it this way, most people in the world do not have a high school education. Many of those who do have a terrible HS education, so terrible that they cant read or use a computer. Just by being here you are proving you can do that much. Your education is so superior that you are in high demand anywhere you go.

If I go abroad how do I find a job?

Figure out where you want to go, go there, maybe travel a bit, make friends, use and any other way you can think to get the contacts and friends you need to make a place livable. Then simply print your CV and visit places you would be interested in working. I’m not joking, I’m not being naive, this is what real travelers do.

I am afraid, I am a girl.

Half, if not most of the travelers seem to be girls. They are not afraid, they have nothing to fear. They did their research before they came, they know what not to do and what to do, they are not afraid of couch surfing – in fact well over 60% of my couch surfers were women…and I am a Man. I know many many women, including small 90lb/40kg girls who travel with world without fear.

Isn’t it dangerous?

I am not in Iraq or Afghanistan, sure i travel to lots of places that might have once been dangerous but now the wars are long over. One someone told me “you went to Cambodia, that’s stupid there is a war there”…this person wasn’t so well informed…the war has been over for 20 years and my 20 months in Cambodia never caused me a problem. People want peace, and in Cambodia, they have it. just do a bit of research, no not news articles, but country information, and find out what is really going on.

I apply from jobs from the USA but I keep getting rejected, wont i get rejected abroad.

The only jobs online are at the best of best places, 99% of places you will work do not have the know how or money to post jobs online in America. If you find a job abroad in an American job page, it is going to require high qualifications. I don’t know a person who hasn’t been able to get a job abroad…and I know plenty of non-qualified people

The salaries are so low, how will I live?

I hate this question, it is as if the person asking me doesn’t have a clue about the real world. $1000 is a starvation wage in the west, but in most countries you could live like a king and save 500 or 600 per month.

I’m afraid of not having my bills paid, no food on table, no place to sleep. I want to build up my professional resume and to travel the world so I can become a cross-cultural trainer & teacher to companies and non-profits one day. That’s my goal, but how can I do it.

Your journey is an intriguing one, but one you must start with the first step, go abroad, explore, and choose one of the endless jobs.

But I don’t speak the language, wont that be a problem?

Are you reading this? Then you speak English I assume. If you speak English it wont be a problem, the people who want to hire you want you for your skills and abilities, not for your abilities to speak like a local, they have enough rice farmers already.

Can I save money?

In 2011, according to my taxes I made $24,480.59. I paid 0$ in taxes without violating any laws, I spent quite a bit of money, living like a king, renting a huge house, take care of my sister and my girlfriend and in the end I saved over $10,000

I am living pay check to pay check, what is the first thing i should do.

Research, decide where you want to go, then find a cheap ticket, I have found plenty of cheap air tickets: Paris to New York for $200, Istanbul to Bangkok for $128. Mumbai to Yeravan for $181. Just use sites like skyscanner and momundo and search whole months and whole countries or continents.

Do I really have to go abroad, can’t I just email lots of employers.

Until you are there, they will not believe your serious. I know one girl who got a job abroad, paying her $1000 per month with a very powerful organization. If she would have worked it she would have had her foot into the door of a long, and well paid carrier. But she never went because she had a change of heart, even after the organization had paid for her flights. So the organization lost out and had to hire again, this time they looked internationally and locally, in the end they chose the someone who was interning near by.

What if I can’t find a job?

Are you trying to look? Really? Even if you have no skills in the world you should be able to find one of thousands of jobs abroad that are looking for people who can read this sentence. You can’t read? Ok then be a bartender on the beach in Cambodia or find one of the million+ hostels and hotels around the world to work for.

What about my criminal history?

99.9% of organizations will not check or care about your past, it is your future they care about, not your past. The only organizations that might be concerned are ones that work with children, as long as you haven’t went to jail for crimes against minors then you should be alright with them.

And if I killed someone…and I am on the run?

Then shouldn’t you be fleeing to a country without an extradition treaty and not be so concerned about your job prospects…at least at the moment.

What was your first step?

I left the USA to Ukraine…in the winter…too cold for me! But I found a job right away then when the spring came I decided I did not like the cold and fled to thailand.

What about online jobs?

Good luck with that, competition is fierce and pay is low, but if you can find a job then you have it made. Also keep amazon turk in mind, they pay for you to do mindless tasks, a friend of mine makes 10$ an hour travelling the world writing medical transcripts.

What about visas?

Check that link, if your not a US citizen scroll to the bottom of the page and look for the correct country you are from. Even if you cant get a visa on arrival or free visa that doesn’t mean visas are hard to get.


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