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Here is your fork, now don’t eat with it.



In many places, but especially in Thailand, when you sit down to eat, they will give you a spoon and a fork. You cannot, under any circumstances, put that fork in your month. I have never figured out why it is rude(not rude as in offensive, but if you eat with a fork you will get a lot of stairs and some head shaking), but everyone knows it is and no one ever puts the fork in their mouth. Instead they use the fork to shovel food onto their spoon. The spoon can go in your mouth.

You might be thinking, ‘Thailand has a lot of noodles and I need a fork to eat them. Nope. If you are eating noodles they will give you chopsticks. If you can’t use chopsticks they will give you a spoon. You will never have to eat with a fork, so do your best, and never put it in your mouth.

What about pieces of meat or fruit? Well yes they will sometimes give you a fork, or so I’m told. I have never been given a fork for these. Instead they give me over sized toothpicks to poke the food and carry it to my mouth.

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  1. Hello from Thailand. There’s no such an etiquette of using a fork for eating is impolite. We just use spoon because it’s easier. You can use fork without problems, but it’s just less practical than a spoon; your food will be falling of the fork.
    Re the noodles, we normally use chopstick and soup spoon. So, you might have been to a noodle shop that doesn’t have forks prepared for customer.
    So, I confirm here that using fork is NOT rude at all in Thailand. You can use it with ANYTHING you wish. But eating rice with fork, you might just get a funny look because we think it’s not practical at all.

    • I think your right that rude isn’t the right word, but I have been scolded so many times! In Isan I made that mistakes a few times, and each time I was corrected and advised the right way of doing it. So while using a fork is not rude in the traditional sense, it is still unacceptable and gets me lots of “silly foreigner” looks. Thanks for you advice 😀

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