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Handing out happy pizza


Happy Pizza Siem Reap CambodiaApple, an amazingly sweet girl and a world traveler from the Philippines found herself in Siam Reap, Cambodia. She had drank too much and the world was already spending when she found herself in a pizzeria ordering a pizza, a happy pizza. Most people wouldn’t guess that a “Happy” pizza is a pizza topped with a very special ingredient, a local delicacy.

“No, I’m almost late for the bus” She shouted as she bolted from the chair, the pizza still hot, warm and untouched in front of her. “Box this up please.”

She stumbled and staggered to the bus, it was still there, humming, as it waited for all the other late and drunk passengers.

As the bus slid down the muddy roadway, Apple did what she always did, made friends. The bus full of strangers soon was full of friends laughing with each other at the stories they shared.

“Oh yea, I have some pizza” Apple shouted and everyone cheered, after all, few things in life are as good as free pizza. She handed out the slice and her new friends gorged themselves. Thick crust, warm sauce, soft cheese, and a thick sprinkling of something special.

The stories and laughter rolled on and on, as smiles grew and hung like a crescent moon. But it was no longer just good stories that elicited a laugh, but anything silly, funny or just the sound of another person laughing. With the bus roaring with laughter someone finally asked. “Apple, that Pizza, was it a happy pizza?”

“Yea, but it looked just like any other cheese pizza to me, nothing happy about it at all.”

A few of the riders broke out laughing until someone shouted. “Happy Pizzas are topped with marijuana, we’re all high now!”

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    • Glad you like it, but it is more of a warning. In Cambodia lots of foods are laced with marijuana, it is their culture. So when a food is labeled “happy”, its more then just “happy”.

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