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Hitchhiking around China
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Hitchhiking China

Me, Flirting with the toll booth girl.

I have hitchhiked around China for the last few weeks, It has been awesome and I am happy to report that China is amazingly easy to hitchhike in. Ok maybe not as easy as rural Armenia where ever car came to a screaming halt to pick me up  but for a place with highways, it is one of the easiest. The trick is to make it to the toll roads. All major highways are toll roads, so this isn’t too difficult. From there I greet the workers who let me stand and ask every car that comes by, sometimes they ask cars for me.

Of course, sometimes I am far from the toll roads and my best course of action is just to ask anyone with a car. Great idea, it worked in Europe, so why not here? Well in Europe most people either speak English, a Latin (I speak Spanish  Or a Slavic (I speak Russian)  language  So I can speak to them.

Will you take me to Guangzhou? I was on a ferry and went person to person until I got a ride.

Here I have no choice but to navigate with my Chinese.  “You go,” I point. “I go” I add in my other hand. “We in your car” I move my hands to point at the car. The drivers just stair on. This is where signs come in handy. Signs are terrible if cars are moving but when traffic boils over or everyone is stuck on a ferry – it works!

CSing in Hinan
CSing in Hinan

Another great thing about China – Loads of couchsurfers. I met so many wonderful people – Hippies, Sexpats, Travelers, future Yoga teachers, ect. Such great people, they make me want to stay in every city that I find myself in. One even networked me with a job 16$ (this is a lot of money in china) playing with children. But I know. I can’t stay, I must travel. So on I go, to where? No one knows…


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