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Hitchhiking the Philippines: Part 2, I’m on TV


th.jpg“Hey, we are from the Solar News Channel and we are making a commercial for this store, can you be in our video” the young woman asked as a big bright smile exploded across her face.
“Sure, you just have to send me a copy of the video afterwards”.

And why not, after all this wouldn’t be the first time hitchhiking had brought me into the snapshots of cameras. Just a year before while hitchhiking in China I had went from traveler to sport model overnight. It had been at a resort in Sanya that Diago had given me a place to sleep, all the five star food I could eat, and infinite access to water sports equipment, and all I had to do was smile in a few photos. So I did, I smiled as jets of water shot from my feet and sent me 15 meters into the air, I smiled as I erupted from the water while riding on a personal submarine and I smiled as I bobbled up and down over the course sand while riding a Segway.


The young woman walked through the isle lined with bags of potato chips, popcorn and other snacks I would never eat. “We will do your shot here.”
“Should I keep my backpack on,” I pointed toward the enormous Pig sized bag clinging to my back. 15 KG of everything that I needed in life.

“It’s so perfect, keep it on!” She showed me the scene, a pretty simple one where all I was doing was examining a bag of popcorn and handing it off to Lena when I finished. About a dozen takes later and the scene was complete. Today, somewhere out there someone is watching me question the nutritional contents of a bag of overpriced popcorn. After the scene they rewarded us with hand fans, and bottle openers that were also pens, both of which we never used and later gave away to people as souvenirs to remember us.

Outside it was time to find someone to take us down the road. In Europe, and especially Germany, where super highways join cities and cars race by like flashes of lighting, gas stations are the only way to get around. I love gas stations because all you need to do is go car to car and ask people to take you wherever they are going.

“Excuse me” I asked “I am trying to head as far away from the city as possible, if you are headed far away could you take me”.
With a quick shrug first guy I asked said “Sure why not, I’m headed Calamba, about an hour away, you just have to wait five minutes”.
As the minutes passed he came back, hey guys, my friend here he going even further to Los Banos, a hot springs resort, want to go with him?”

The sun was nearing the horizon, whichever city we choose would be the city we spent the night, we had to choose right.
“Hot springs? Ok Los Banos it is!”

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