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How to get the most out of visiting India
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How to get the most out of visiting India


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There’s no denying that India is a country full of wonder and beauty. From the vibrancy of the big cities to the rural traditions of the countryside villages, there are new experiences to be had wherever you are. Don’t hesitate to explore it to the fullest ¬– here is just a selection of India’s many treasures you need to discover.

Visit one of the sprawling national parks

One thing you may not realise about India is just how much it has to offer in the way of nature. See it for yourself at one of the many national parks in the country – Ranthambhore is recommended by Audley for its abundance of wildlife.

Tigers and lions can be found in the wild, India being the only remaining country to be able to say this, and you can see both in several of the national parks. That’s not to mention the possibility to explore them on foot, via safari or even on the backs of elephants in some cases.

Get lost in the bustle of Delhi

You cannot visit India without heading to Delhi. It may not be the capital of the country but that doesn’t make it any less impressive, what with its vibrancy and unparalleled feel of culture. There’s a huge variety of things to see and do, so whatever you’re looking for from your Indian vacation you’ll find it here.

If it’s a city getaway you’re wanting from Delhi, make sure to visit Connaught Place for incredible shopping opportunities, and don’t be afraid to explore the side streets where vendors sell everything from traditional clothing to quick snacks. And if you’re wanting some historical context, head out to the majestic Red Fort or the beautiful Lotus Temple.

One thing India does better than anywhere else is the street food. You’ll find a majority of your favourite Indian dishes can be bought from the many street stalls throughout the country – mainly in the aforementioned Delhi and other big cities – including samosas, curries and rice.

There’s bound to be some incredible dishes you’ve never heard of, too. Paranthas are a great snack or a meal for any occasion, whether it be breakfast or a late night bite – that’s because of how varying their fillings are. And then there’s paneer, the tasty cheese you’ll find incorporated into nearly every dish – don’t be afraid to try it, as you’ll be pleasantly surprised. In fact, there’s so much great food, see how many of these famous Indian dishes you can tick off.

It’s understandable if you’re exploring India, you’re going to want to see the most famous landmarks on offer. And why shouldn’t you – they’re popular for a reason. The Taj Mahal is undeniably the most iconic, its white grandeur and lavish details a necessity to see in person.

Varanasi is another popular highlight, its busy scenery adjacent to the river being its main draw. You might be overwhelmed by just how bustling it is, but it’s absolutely worth the visit. And then there’s Humayan’s Tomb in Delhi, commissioned by the Emperor’s first wife in 1569 and remaining an important and impressive sight to this day.

…but don’t be afraid to head off the beaten track

India holds some of its best destinations behind closed doors, so don’t hesitate to explore. Take the Great Wall of India for example – the second longest wall in the world behind its famed Chinese counterpart, it’s a landmark hardly anyone knows about, so you can be the first to tell your friends about its sheer magnificence.

And whilst you’re in India, look into staying in a small town or village where you’ll be immersed in culture. Kerala is the place homestays first emerged, but now The Guardian says you’ll find great places throughout India open to travellers who want to learn more about the country and experience what life is really like for villagers. Expect to hear plenty of stories and eat plenty of food.


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