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Travel to Congo, Dem. Rep. on $5 a day
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How to Travel Congo, Dem. Rep. on $5 a day


Kinshasa City is the capital of Congo, Dem. Rep.Traveling around the world is easy, and really affordable. I’ve traveled rich and poor countries on a budget of $5 a day. It’s easy and I want to show you how. Congo, Dem. Rep. is considered a lower developed county, unfortunately most people make less than $2500 per year. While this is not a good thing for the locals, it does mean that everything is cheap, and you can explore Congo, Dem. Rep. easily on $5 a day.

You should never spend more than $5 per night on a hotel, and you can find some for 1$ per night. Sure these are not the best places to stay, don’t expect air conditioners, western toilets, or the whitest sheets, but at least you will have a place to sleep for the night. You might consider searching Agoda for a hotel, you might find something useful. If you don’t find what you want, and you may not because sometimes only the biggest and best hotels list themselves on Agoda, then I suggest looking at hostelworld and if you can’t find anything there, then just start exploring. By walking down the street and looking around you will find something, also ask the locals and they will point you to the kind of place that you are looking for. Of course you don’t need to stay in a hotel, there are other options.

Consider Couchsurfing, and Trampolinn, there you can find people who will host you for free. If that doesn’t work then you have one other really good option that almost always works in Congo, Dem. Rep. : Village hopping.



Food is great and cheap. You can find most local foods $1-$2 a plate in street shops and in cafeterias. In some of the tourist areas and in Kinshasa the prices rise in the city center, but if you leave the main area and head away on side roads you can find a lot of cheap food. Also, depending on the time of the year, some foods will be a lot cheaper than others, just look through the marketplace and you will find a lot of great deals.


Train is the common transportation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.Transportation in Congo, Dem. Rep. is usually pretty cheap. Most people get around on in cars and buses, although you will still see people on bikes and motorcycles. There isn’t anything special about the mass transit system in Congo, Dem. Rep., but still it is very useful. There is one other more entertaining option. Hitchhiking. Hitchhiking works, getting a ride in Congo, Dem. Rep. is easy, people are quick to pick you up and  learn about who you are and why you are visiting their country (by the way a lot of these drivers will invite you to their homes so this might help you with the hotel issue). Normally in Congo, Dem. Rep. cars or small pickup truck will give you a ride.

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