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I love traveling with my son


Originally written for New Express, a major Chinese newspaper.

Me and my son with a friend and his daughter. We are sitting out to explore the mountainous jungle of the Philippines. it was a VERY difficult trip, but wow was it worth it.
Me and my son with a friend and his daughter. We are sitting out to explore the mountainous jungle of the Philippines.

I love traveling with my son. To be a child, is to be new to the world. When you take your child into a new and amazing place, not just him, but both of you will be in awe at how the monkeys will scuttle up to you and beg for treats, both of you will admire how rainbows have found a way to paste themselves across temples and homes, and both of you will find new foods that you love, and new foods that squeeze your face into a sour smile.

When I am traveling, I’m always forced to spend more time with my son. Sure we play together and explore together, but we do more than that. A few months ago we visited very remote villages, and we couldn’t find a washing machine, so we piled our clothes in a tub, and hand washed them. My son joined me and together we lathered, we scrubbed, we stomped and we did a job so terrible that mommy just shook her head and walked away. Even so, we had a great time.

There is nothing like looking through your baby’s photo album, but sometimes other people just don’t care how amazing your baby is. The solution is simple; travel and make sure your baby is in some awe-inspiring locations. You can replace the lawn behind your son, with an empty beach that runs for miles, you can replace the house behind your daughter with a millennia old temple that arches into the rising sun. Your baby can explore the world and you can record all of the moments. With a photo album like this, you are not the only one who says “wow” when they see it.

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