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An Audio Interview about traveling across the world on $2000
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My interview over NPR

I did an interview a few months ago with Rick Steves, a fellow traveler and a travel host in the USA. His radio show broadcasts on several stations, including NPR (The USA National Public Radio). Our interview was about 20 minutes long, he cut and cropped it to make it just right. Just click the link below to listen to the Audio, and tell me what you think 😉


Interview with Eric Gonzalez-Payne by Rick Steves about traveling across the world on $2000

Hey, I’m Eric, is my travel blog. I write this website to show you how easy it is to live, work and travel all around the world. I’ve been traveling almost 8 years now. I’m just about to publish my new book Where the Wind Blows: Traveling around the World on $5 a day

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      • I’m officially infected as of this year – just not as chronically as you! 🙂 I’d love to be as gregarious and worry-free, baby steps… Though, do you think if a whole lot more of us knocked as many doors, would as many be opened? Is our world still big enough for that approach to travel?

        • Glad to have you among us 🙂 Your infection will grow, especially as you see the world and learn how truly awe inspiring it is. National Geographic is nice, but pictures and words cannot even begin to compare with experiences. I think that if we all knocked on doors of others, that more would open, and that the world would become closer, more loving and more accepting of others. Travel is my way to change the world. I want to help others travel, because travel can change everyone! As another person opens their heart to the world, we as a people become ever closer to the day that we all dream of. The day when there is true understanding and acceptance, to the day that there is no more war, no more poverty no more unnecessary suffering, to the day the day that the world is truly one.

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