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Here are the most common 14 jobs you will find abroad
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The top 14 jobs you can find abroad

Here are the top 14 jobs that you can do abroad. These are all legal or at least legal-ish. They pay varies greatly; some are easy to get, others are almost impossible to make a living doing. Enjoy the stories and follow the links to more absurd stories and informative interviews.

Pay: Medium| Easy to get: Very Easy| While traveling: No

Teaching english yourworldyourhomeBeing an English teacher is like playing the lottery, a lottery where everyone wins and the winnings are pretty small. A lot of native English speakers and even non-native English speakers teach English abroad. It’s good pay, easy work and it’s very easy to find this kind of job. I did it in Burma, Cambodia, and even in China. The only requirement is that you can speak English and not kill the children (the difficult part). I’m not joking, anyone can do it, regardless of their English level.  Even Pavel, my polish friend who learned English in India got a job teaching English.  I don’t think English is very fun, which is why when I do teach, I always overcharge, in China I was charging $50 an hour and somehow I still found students. That’s because learning English is always in demand. When you travel around non-English-speaking countries you will always find foreign English teachers.

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Job 1: Teaching English

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  1. Thought an extra addition to jobs you can find abroad could working as a doorman bouncer. As I have seen Africans and Indians working on the door of bars/nightclubs in Hong Kong. In addition I have spoken to White Westerners who have worked as doormen in Hong Kong but said they did it for the experience not the money. Likewise I have heard that the situation for being a doorman in Taiwan is also badly paid. I also heard second hand stories and read articles about Westerners working as doormen in Japan but a lot of people doing those jobs are former U.S.Marines. But the pay in Japan is quite decent or so I’ve heard.

  2. plz dont lie about being a doctor ,when you are not . i beg you . we have a lot of quack already as it is . Being dr is not as easy as assuming to have virus . Its far more deeper. I am so scared after reading your post .(Job 9 of 14)

    • Hey Ummi, well first off, people who are not real doctors shouldn’t doctors, that much I agree with, but at the same time many poeple in the developing world have no access to medicine. So if someone where to teach them for example that anti-septics(tea tree oil, alcohol, iodine, perodide) should be used to treat wounds, then that would go a LONG WAY and save a lot of lives.

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