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North South Indian Restaurant – The best restaurant in Phnom Penh!

I love indian food!
I love indian food!

I’m a guy who doesn’t like to spend a lot of money. I’ve been living in Asia for about 2 years and before that I lived in other places where food is never expensive. In Cambodia, for most of my meals I spend $1 . Usually this gets me a tasty soup, fried noodles, fried rice, a big plate of spring rolls, or steamed rice with a big serving of vegetables and some sauces. But sometimes I splurge, I will go and spend $2.00 or $2.50 on a veggie burger (I don’t eat meat) or in the past I would go to an Indian restaurant and pay about 5$ for a meal. I love Indian food but $5 is just too much and I just can’t part with my money so easily.

Now my life has changed! On lakeside an area called “Bong Kok” there is the best restaurant I’ve ever been to. It’s called the North South Indian restaurant. It isn’t beautiful, nor is it elegant, the food doesn’t come with elephant shaped spoons or other silly things. But what it is is much better. It is cozy, the owners – Honey and his wife – are fantastic and the food is wonderful and CHEAP! For 2$, yes you read that correctly, for only 2$ you can get a Vegetable Thali which comes with: two delectable vegetable dishes, a serving of mouth watering dhal, garlic naan as big as your face, a crisp cool lassi, all the rice you can eat and water you can drink and if you still have room in your stomach, they will bring out a green salad. All of that food is just $2 and after it you are stuffed with super tasty food! If you’re not looking to get as stuffed for 2$ as I do, then no worries, North South Indian has a big menu with lots of meals for $1 or $2.

I do a lot, and I mean a lot, of hosting on and I always take my surfers to North South Indian. I’ve taken over 250 there and not a single one didn’t find that it was one of the best restaurants, for price and quality, they had visited on their trip. Many like it so much that they regularly go without me. I like it so much that not only did I write about how great it is but it is also one of my hangout spots. I go there for meals or even just to chill out and spend time reading a book or typing while eating fantastic Indian food that won’t drain my wallet.

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