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While exploring china I became a super sexy sea sports model
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A sexy sea sports model


IMG_2289You can add me to your that list in your head, you know the ones you keep of “models”  or perhaps the other list of “how the hell is he a model?!?”  Yep I was a model. Ok it was only for a few days but that still counts 😉

My job,was to spent 3-6pm, playing with sports equipment and posing for an occasional photo.  I dove under the sea with seabob (I wrote a pretty story about my love affair with Bob here I flew into the air with a device called the “water board” (Therefor I was water-boarding? What a loaded word!) and I charged over the sands on a Segway.


It was magnificent,  awesome, and a bit painful. There was the occasional screw up, like the time I managed to lacerate my leg on the harmless Segway, and the time belly-flopped from 15 feet while water-boarding, but that wasn’t all. The equipment ground my muscles to dust. For hours I choked seabob’s handles while we soared at 15 miles an hour underwater. The water pushed me, pulled me, and crushed me when I went too deep.  It was great but now my muscles are crying.

Why was I a model? Well two reasons I suppose. First because I am white. There are not too many white people here, so I do stand out. Think about it, If you put a giraffe among zebra would it get noticed  Next – I work cheap, really cheap. All I wanted was a place to stay, all the food I could eat and all the fun I could handle. I got them all. Don’t go thinking I was too cheap. After all I did get to play for days with their equipment  If I had paid for it, my bill would have been around $1,500 USD.


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  1. Sounds like you had fun,my first paying job was as an artists model….for bible story books…I still get embarressed by them on occasion…also was in art class but that doesn’t count. We all took turns….

    • It was fun, until I belly flopped from 15 feet. Turns in life are just other ways to exploring it. Now I will go and try to find these bible stories of yours 😉

      • Probably a bit out of my budget unless my pretty white face gets me a free ride also 😉

        Right now am just chilling on the beaches of Turkey while I try to get my own blog up and running, will be off to South America pretty soon though.

        • Being different provides you with lots of opportunities all over the world, but especially in China. Enjoy turkey, there are a lot of really nice places, easy hitchhiking and there and lots of good couch surfers. South America? Ok a pretty big change but GL. I’m waiting on the gods of travel to decide my fate. Perhaps Asia for another year or maybe I’ll plunge into Africa. Keep on blogging 😀

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