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Staying cool in Bangkok
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Staying cool in Bangkok


Staying Cool in BangkokBangkok is now officially the hottest city in the world. I’m not sure this is something we should celebrate, but it is something we have to deal with. The city doesn’t get extremely hot, but overall, for the winter, the summer, the night, and the day, the city has the highest overall temperature of any city in the world. Before you go, make sure you know how to avoid the heat.
The sun rises early in Bangkok, and quickly sets to heating up the still warm air. The night’s humidity has sunk down to the ground and condensed on the city streets. Business shoes and sandals hit the pavement hard, heading to work or tourist sites, trying live their lives before the heat of the day’s hits. For hours, the sun is hidden as it desperately tries to peak through skyscrapers that shadow the morning streets. As the heat builds prepare yourself, be up early, be out early and by the time the sun finally finds you, make sure you are indoors. The morning is the best time to visit the tourist attractions and especially the temples where you can watch the Orange-robed monks Pray and accept food donations.
Staying cool in BangkokThe noon sun glows like molten bronze, the city steams and the squeeze way between buildings turn into saunas. The locals are smart; they close down their shops and disappear from the streets. Smart tourists, like you, do the same, you go into the never-ending labyrinth of air-conditioned malls, and hide or shop until the evening comes. From the windows, you can spot the not-so-smart tourists as they wake up and began to wander the scorching streets in shorts and T-shirts. Shorts and T-shirts keep them cool, but at noon sun’s razor-sharp spears of ultra violate radiation will leave them with crimson skin. Unfortunately, tourists rarely understand that at this latitude, a few hours of noontime UV radiation is about the same as several days on the beach in their homelands.
Staying Cool in BangkokAs the evening arrives and the city simply smolders. You can explore the streets and squeeze ways in the exotic local clothing that you just bought, like your Thai fisherman pants that will protect your skin and keep you cooler than shorts would. As you explore, you will notice how the sidewalks and streets, walls and alleyways exhale heat. You will also notice how the locals solve this problem by spraying water over everything to wash away the heat of the day.

When night finally falls, around 7 or 8 pm, Bangkok still isn’t cool. The Warmth of the living city pulsates off the massive concrete buildings and sets the dim night air dancing. The locals take no notice, night is night, night is cool, even when it’s not. They ready their mosquito nets, turn their ceiling fans on and lay down to sleep, planning on waking up early, when it’s truly cool. But you, you can enjoy yourself, nuzzle a bottle of Singha beer, and let the cold beer flow into your veins, cooling your body before you set out the explore the city’s colorful nightlife.


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