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The night they stole my powerline


It was 4 am, when I woke hot and sweaty. I fumbled around in the darkness and switched the fan settings. It would not turn on. I stumbled some more and found the light switch. Same problem. The power was out, again. But this was Cambodia, and that happened from time to time. I took a cool shower and went back to sleep till first light. In the morning. No power.

Outside, I asked my neighbors if they had power, most did, two didn’t. This was a bit unusual, usually if I didn’t have power no one did for blocks around. We talked for a bit, went out to look our shared transformer and realized something. There were fewer powerlines than usual, and below the power lines, all of the grass and shrubs had been trampled flat.

That night, some brave thieves had climbed up the lower line and cut three power cables running to different homes. Whoever they were they risked their lives for about $60 worth of metal, which may seem low, but in Cambodia that could cover a few months of rice. The thieves were never caught, and my landlord made me cover the cost of repairing my powerline($40).

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