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Tips for traveling in Cambodia
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Quick tips for Cambodia


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• Inside cities there is no mass transportation (metro, bus) there are only taxis (very few and very expensive) tuktuks (a motorbike pulling a carriage) and motorbikes (my favorite way to get around)
• If a driver offers you a price, offer him half of that or less (which would be closer to the real price most people pay). Negotiate and you will both end up with a fair price.
• Feel free to walk away from a driver. This is part of the negotiation process.
• Try the foods, all of them, from the deep fried insects to the fruits you have never seen. If you don’t know how to eat it, ask someone, I’m sure they will love to teach a silly foreigner how to east something as simple as deep friend water bugs.
• Most meals should cost you about $1 per plate, if the restaurant wants more try to negotiate or go somewhere else.
• When a food is “Happy” that food is loaded with marijuana, this includes candies, pizza, shakes, drinks at the bar and even some soups!
• $1 is enough to get a motorbike to take you about 8km. $2 for 8km in a tuktuk. Don’t get ripped off, negotiate prices every time. 50 cents (two thousand Cambodian real) is about the cheapest you can offer someone to take you someplace.
• Don’t buy books off the street, not only are they pirated but many are low quality, and missing pages.
• Don’t buy anything from children or give them any money. If you do you are encouraging them not to go to school. Let me explain this. Children can make $10 a day begging. Most people will make 2-3$ a day working, so some families keep their kids on the street begging to make money for the family. While this is a short term solution for the family, when a child grows up begging they will have no future available to them.

• You can buy other books and trinkets from other sellers but still I don’t recommend it. The one legged amputee might have a disability but that doesn’t mean he cannot work a real job. There are land mine victims working every type of job all over Cambodia. Almost all of them have access to free prosthetics (many street beggars don’t use prosthetics because they want you to feel extra sorry for them). If you want to help Cambodia and the Cambodian people please donate money to reputable organizations, charities, and orphanages.
• The local equivalent to the “911” emergency line in Cambodia is 117 for police, 118 for fire, and 119 for ambulance.
• You can get lots of poorly copied American $100 bills at the market, these are to burn for the afterlife, do not try to use them or take them out of the country. Playing with them is fun, but frowned upon by Khmer people. If you carry excess stacks around with you, you might be robbed.
• Malaria, Dengue fever, and Japanese encephalitis exist in Cambodia; mosquitoes carry them. Do wear mosquito repellent. However, don’t be too afraid, the odds of you getting any of these is very slim.


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