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Is couch surfing a good idea?
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The top 14 things Couchsurfers leave behind.


I’ve hosted nearly 300 couchsurfers now, and a lot of them have left a lot behind. Here are the most common and most memorable things that they have left behind.

1. Books:
Eric, I finished my book on (economics, travel, India, Cambodia, pregnancy) and I don’t need to take it with me, I want to give it to you and your couchsurfing project, maybe other surfers will need it.

Couchsurfing books


2. Hygiene products:
So a full bottle of shampoo? Thanks! I’ll need it. But please, don’t leave behind your used soap or used toothbrushes. Really what use can I find for 5 used toothbrushes?

 so many toothbrushes, and none are mine!

so many toothbrushes, and none are mine!


3. Bicycles:
One surfer left his bike with me, and for 6 months I rode it all over Phnom Penh, after I left I give it to another surfer a country away.

couchsurfing bike

4. Gifts:
Key chains, and bracelets, bags and portfolios, a spiny flower thing and a potted orange tree. Gifts come in all shapes and sizes but honestly please don’t give me most of them. If you want to give me something unique, something unusual, something you made, then sure, but just remember, you don’t have to give me anything. 90% of my surfers don’t give me a gift.

Couchsurfing gifts

5. Food:
Foods are gifts, but they are different, don’t give me gifts, but if you can bring food that would be great. Treats from all over the world have found their way to my house and I’ve enjoyed them all. The best so far was Canadian maple syrup, which I drank from the bottle.

Couchsurfing food

6. Shoes and clothes:
“You want to leave me your old clothes? Uhh, sure, umm just put it in the corner, someone will need it.” A lot of CSers have left their old clothing and shoes with me and it’s been very useful, sometime down the road a really impoverished CSer will celebrate as they explore my pile of unwanted cloths.

Anyone need some new shoes or  a slightly used shirt?
Anyone need some new shoes or a slightly used shirt?

7. Alcohol:
Couchsurfers are travelers, and some travelers drink a lot. But they cannot always finish all the drinks they buy and leave cans, bottles and boxes with me. I don’t drink, so the cans pile and pile up. The last time I threw a house party, 31 of the beers I supplied were beers CSers had left behind.

Couchsurfing beer, drinks, Alcohol

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