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Wherever destiny leads us
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Wherever fate takes us. an excerpt from chapter 13


Crazy armeniaMy head smashed into the backseat window, Echo crashed into me and Vardan’s girlfriend, Lulu, landed onto both of us. Gor sipped wine, as his girlfriend leaned over from his lap and fought Vardan for the steering wheel.

“What are you doing you stupid girl, I’m driving” Vardan protested for a moment, then gave up the wheel and filled his plastic cup with white wine.

“They are so crazy.” Echo whispered.

“Do you want to go?” I asked, my arm tight around her.

She gave a slight nod. “We should get out as soon as possible.” Her voice flat and unconvincing, she held a smile on her lips as her eyes watched ahead. “How fun it would be to meet their families, do you think they are also just as wild?”

“Ahaha, snake!” Vardan shouted, his voice shaking but not with fear, with enthusiasm. The car shrieked to a halt, dust stormed around, browning out the car windows and seeping into the cracks. Gor jumped out of the passenger seat, a cup of vodka in hand, and slid over the hood spilling half of his drink. He finished his shot then leapt into the woods. Lulu’s eyes grew with excitement. She threw all of her weight toward the window, scrunching Echo and I up.

I locked the door.

Vardan threw down his wine bottle and flung the car in reverse, the exhausted engine strained. We flew forward. He braked and we crashed back into our seats. Forward, break. Reverse, break.

Gor, half mad, half warrior, like some mythical god, leapt from the forest, a giant stick, a nature forged great sword, in both hands. He and the stick crashed together, he smashing the ground, the stick slashing the writhing snake.

“I kill you, I kill you,” he shouted as he battered the snake, sending gravel and dirt into the air.

Vardan jumped out and joined him. With a stick of his own he picked up the snake and held it beside the window. “Snake” he shouted.

The girls and Echo shrieked.

“Eric,” Echo whispered, “I think we should get out.”

I felt the same way, but we were in the middle of nowhere now.

“Maybe we should just wait, and see where fate takes us.” I said, hoping fate wouldn’t take us to meet death.

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  1. Interesting, there are those days. Got a ride one day with a group that were stained and drunk, they were headed north over the grapevine. Suddenly they took a small exit up and out into the desert. I pownded on the cab to get their attention…and they skidded to a stop. Oops we forgot….I trudged back to the road. On the back of an aged stop sign was a three day diary…Oh shit.

    • Haha, what a lovely, terrible story. Hope you didn’t wait long there. For me, my story ended up turning out great! but I’ll post more on that later.

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