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Why ladyboys are ladyboys


Ladyboy bangkok manila Thailand Philippines I asked a friend of mine “Why are you a ladyboy?”

She answered. “Because I am. Because my heart, my soul, and my mind are female, only one part of me was born male.”

Ladyboys are quite common in many places around the world. Thailand is famous for its ladyboy cabaret dancers, but ladyboys exist in huge numbers in other countries as well. In Christian countries like The Philippines and Brazil, in Muslim countries like Iran and in India, the heart of Hinduism. Even in countries where ladyboys don’t exist in huge numbers, they exist. Recently in China, an 84 year old ladyboy met with international reporters to talk about her life as a ladyboy.

Why are ladyboys a common occurrence all over the world? It’s because my friend was right, she is female, only one part of her was born male. Numerous studies suggest that ladyboys are born. The leading theory is that when ladyboys are fetuses in their mothers’ wombs they, just like every other male, receive testosterone in their early development, this allows the penis to fully form. A few weeks into the pregnancy, when the brain is developing, ladyboys receive estrogen. This estrogen makes her brain more female like. Tests have shown that the change is so great that when most males smell testosterone, the displeasure parts of their brain light up, whereas when Women and ladyboys smell testosterone the pleasure parts of their brains light up.

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