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Why would you want to marry my daughter?


Even if how much you showed negative things to someone yet he is firm with his stand, you will never win.“You don’t want to marry her; she is too dark.” my future mother in law said about my fiancé. My fiancé and I had been dating about a year when I visited her family for the first time in China. Outside the chilled spring air exploded with New Year fire crackers, but inside the house the air was hot with body heat and aggression.

“I don’t care that she is dark, look at me, I am as white as snow, why do I want someone white like me?” I answered. My wife wasn’t dark, just a few shades darker than the moon. Her skin color is nice, at least she doesn’t start to resemble a vampire every winter like I do.

“But her eyes are too small, not good for a wife.” My mother in law added while shaking her head. It was obvious she didn’t want me to date her daughter but didn’t want to come out and say it, instead she took the passive aggressive stance.

My wife has almond eyes, beautiful, fantastic, and exquisite. Her eyes, in the western mind, are very stereotypical Chinese, and very beautiful. “I hope our children will have eyes like her.”

My mother in law turned red, maybe I embarrassed her, maybe the idea of me being her son in law  burned her up inside. “No, you will not have any children together.”

Interracial Chines and American family. With their mixed son.I put my arm around my wife and pulled her close. “She wants three, I want five.”

My future mother in law shook her head, her hair shaking, trembling. She looked us over. “The babies will have her ugly noise.” She added and pushed her thumb on her own nose, making it resemble a pig snout.

My future brother in law joined the conversation “Mother, don’t you know foreigners are very different. Everything that you think is beautiful, they think is ugly, everything that you think is ugly they think is beautiful. If you think your daughter is ugly, then foreigners must think she is the most beautiful woman in all of China.”

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